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“Your helping hand” - We at Helavo are the helping hand of our customers. We are producer and seller of high quality products in the category of walking aids and rolling walkers. Our main focus is the agility and mobility of our customers, which should be fully given back to them through the use of our products in everyday life.

Helavo H1010 all-round rollator

The rollator H-1010 is the product of choice for all those who are limited in everyday life but do not want to or can not miss their mobility - both indoors and outdoors. Even though the H-1010 has already been imitated by many in terms of appearance, it remains the undisputed test winner in terms of quality, functionality and robustness. The little things make the difference.

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For us at helavo it is important that we stick together. Therefore, you too can become a part of our Helavo community now! If you have any problems or complications, our customer support is always there to help you and we will find a suitable solution. You also get access to extended warranty and information about exclusive product launches.

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